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Before compiling any program that uses Xlib, you have to install the headers and libraries.

List Xlib related packages.

dnf search libX

Install the binaries.

dnf install libXp  libXpm  libXt  libXtst  libXv  libXvMC  libX11 libX11-common \
            libXNVCtrl  libXScrnSaver  libXau libXaw  libXcomposite  libXcursor \
            libXdamage  libXdmcp  libXevie  libXext  libXfixes  libXfont libXft \
            libXi  libXinerama  libXmu  libXrandr  libXrender  libXres          \
            libXxf86dga  libXxf86misc  libXxf86vm  libx86  libx86emu  libxc     \
            libxcb  libxcb-doc  xcb-util  xcb-util-image  xcb-util-keysyms      \
            xcb-util-wm  libxdo  libxkbfile  libxklavier  libxkbcommon

Install the development packages.

dnf install libXp-devel  libXpm-devel  libXt-devel  libXtst-devel  libXv-devel  \
            libXvMC-devel  libX11-devel  libXNVCtrl-devel  libXScrnSaver-devel  \
            libXau-devel  libXaw-devel libXcomposite-devel  libXcursor-devel    \
            libXdamage-devel  libXdmcp-devel  libXevie-devel  libXext-devel     \
            libXfixes-devel  libXfont-devel libXft-devel  libXi-devel           \
            libXinerama-devel  libXmu-devel  libXrandr-devel  libXrender-devel  \
            libXres-devel  libXxf86dga-devel  libXxf86misc-devel                \
            libXxf86vm-devel  libx86-devel libx86emu-devel  libxc-devel         \
            libxcb-devel  libxdo-devel  libxkbfile-devel  libxklavier-devel     \

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